Purchasing Air Conditioner Filters By The Case Seems Like A Very Logical Idea.

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Purchasing Air Conditioner Filters By The Case Seems Like A Very Logical Idea.

There’s nothing wrong with saving a few dollars on something you will eventually need to replace anyway. The problem is, will you replace it when it’s time? The money you save can quickly disappear because you forgot to change a filter when it was time. A dirty, clogged filter can increase energy consumption by over 20% in a few weeks. Typically, the few bucks saved are eaten up by the following gas or electric bill that arrives in the mail.

Having a case of filters sitting in your home doesn’t do you any good if the box collects more dust than the filter!

No matter the quality, every filter has a tipping point of effectiveness. This is when it no longer allows air to flow without restriction. Restricted air flow causes the blower motor, coil, and compressor to work harder to perform efficiently. This results in consuming more energy to perform at an acceptable level. More on this webpage

Replacing your filter promptly with a high-quality filter is the best way to ensure this does not occur. If you’re a disciplined do-it-your-self person and change your filter on a set schedule, buying them by the case makes sense. But if you tend to forget, you may want to adopt a different maintenance strategy.

A smarter way to buy filters is to use a service like the one provided by our company. We’ll ship you a quality air filter on your chosen schedule. Your filter will arrive at your door on a predetermined date. All you need to do is replace the old filter with the new one. It’s as easy as that.

Air conditioner filters have a major impact on your home budget. Making the right choice can save you more money over a long period.

We help you to remember when it is time to change your filter.

When you enroll in this simple program, your home air filters are delivered to your home when you need them. All you need to do is change the old dirty filter with the new one. You’ll never forget to change your filter again so your system will work closer to maximum efficiency.

Pest & Flea Control – Your Residential Exterminators

Pest & Flea Control
The Joint Is Jumpin’ – The Story Of The Flea -Contrary to popular opinion cat & dog fleas do not live on their chosen animal, they merely jump onto their host at feeding time, and dinner for a flea of course is blood.

In nature the fleas live and breed in the nest of animal they feed on, in reality of course in a modern house the ‘nest’ becomes the carpets, rugs and soft furnishings.flea control

Flea infestations are becoming much more prevalent in recent years, centrally heated homes provide an ideal environment for the life cycle of the insect, which can be completed in as little as 16 days. More on this website @ https://jenkinspest.com/pest-control/
The increased presence of urban foxes in many towns and cities may be responsible for the increased number of flea infestations as foxes always carry a generous population to share with the neighborhood cats and dogs.

The well fed flea lays its eggs in the nesting material, carpets in a modern dwelling, which hatch out into larvae which crawl away from light and hence are to be found deep in the pile. In the egg and larval stage they are also pretty resistant to insecticide which is why it is rarely possible to cure a flea infestation with one treatment.

The larvae eat the blood rich droppings of the adult flea before pupating to emerge as a young, hungry flea.

Human beings do not taste especially nice to fleas and our blood is not of sufficient quality for them to breed, but in the absence of a cat or a dog we will do!

In the absence of a host the immature flea can go into a dormant state without feeding for up to a year or more and then revive within seconds on feeling the vibration from the footfall of a potential meal. For this reason properties which have been empty for a while often provide a little surprise for the new owners.

Often the family holiday is the time when people notice they have a flea problem, having put the family pet in kennels for a couple of weeks the resident flea population is starving and eager to greet them on their return.

There is however a dangerous side to fleas, we all know they were responsible for transmission of plague and thankfully we don’t have that to contend with anymore but they can set off serious skin irritations in susceptible people including dermatitis.

They also have a more sinister side. The flea is an intermediate host for tapeworm.

When the flea dines on an animal infected with tapeworm it can ingest the worm eggs which pass into its guts. These infected fleas can then be ingested by a cat or dog during self-grooming and the worms infect the new host.

Worse still it is easy for a human baby or toddler to accidentally ingest these fleas when crawling on flea infested carpets.

In order to clear a flea infestation it will be necessary to treat both the animal and the carpets and soft furnishings of the property and outdoor areas where the animal may frequently visit. A professional pest controller will often use both an insecticide and a growth retardant hormone to interfere with the flea life-cycle. The cat or dog will need to be treated at the same time by a veterinarian. click on this website @ https://jenkinspest.com/

Residential Electricians San Antonio

Residential Electricians San Antonio

Our company gets results and has satisfied customers every time. We are just a call away. One of the keys to getting the most out of any electrical work from an electrical contractor is to work with an experienced and dedicated team of professionals. From the replacement of wall heaters to the installation of photocells or the replacement of switches, we are always on the job. Personalized service is the hallmark of our respected and trusted company. Choosing carefully with regard to an electrical contractor can make all the difference for homeowners as well as businesses. We have years of experience In the industry providing services like attic wiring, garage wiring, or even the wiring of ponds as well as any other type of exterior wiring. It all must be done right the first time around. Strict adherence to electrical code is not only important in terms of meeting local laws but it is also important in terms of safety.

Electrical contractors vary significantly in terms of overall quality, experience, and affordability. That said, choosing the best electrical contractor can be as simple as working with a company that has a proven track record. While there are many choices when it comes to local electrical contractors, one contractor, in particular, has consistently outpaced the competition year after year. We are the leader in electrical contracting with few rivals. Our company offers everything from home inspections to commercial services and electrical wiring. Standing by ready to help is perhaps one of the most important reasons to choose us. Our company has a wealth of hard-earned experience. As a licensed, insured and bonded contractor, the company offers emergency electrical services for both residential and commercial customers. The owner is known to be hands-on and always takes calls – personally working on each.

An electrician that is trusted and respected throughout the community can be expected to provide the highest level of quality service available today. As with plumbers, roofers, and others in home improvement and home maintenance, it is essential to choose carefully when selecting an electrical contractor. A licensed electrical contractor should fully understand the complexities of local code as well as all of the intricacies of today’s modern electrical systems. From residential to commercial, choosing the right electrical contractor who is licensed, bonded, and insured is absolutely essential. We offer emergency electrical services as well as same-day service. While consumers and business owners have many choices when it comes to electricians, one company has provided superior quality work since the year 2000. We offer everything from home electrical inspections to landscape lighting installation, new home installations, and everything in between.

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