Woman Shot By Dearborn Officer

In a chase outside Fairlane Town Center, a woman was killed by Dearborn Police. The identity of the woman was revealed on Thursday. Janet Wilson died of multiple gunshots and the Medical Examiner’s Officer called in a homicide. It is the second such killing in the recent months by the Department. Meanwhile, the Michigan State Police confirmed that the woman was not carrying a gun but was armed with a three-ton vehicle. Michael Shaw of Michigan State Police said that many policemen are killed by armed vehicles. He also said that the video footage around the place where the incident occurred is being collected.

The Dearborn police in a statement said that the department is saddened by the incident, and the investigation is on. Describing the incident, Shaw said it began at around 4.10pm when the woman was in conversation with the mall security. She was deranged said the witnesses as if she had some mental condition. Once the mall security came to the scene, she started to become repulsive and drove off almost striking the security with her vehicle. Wilson drove a black Chevrolet that the Dearborn police chased. When she stopped at the Hubbard Drive traffic, the police approached to arrest her.

While trying to arrest her, she started to flee knocking off the officer. It was then the scene officer took out his weapon and shot the suspect. The woman was taken to the hospital immediately but was pronounced dead. In the incident, one officer was treating for fatal injuries. The Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality made it clear in a statement that the organization is on high alert as it was second such incident in the recent months. The previous incident involved a black man Kevin Mathew (35) who was shot multiple times by the Dearborn officer.

Recycling Boom In Flint Neighborhood Following Water Crisis

The water crisis in Flint neighborhood has resulted in the large collection of plastic bottles. People are drinking packaged water instead of from the tap. It has caused a major challenge for civic authorities. Blue recycle bins found outside the Flint’s east side neighborhood. Brown paper bags were found on the bottles just a few blocks away from the Avon Street. Arnold Brown involved in clearing waste says this is a new culture in 20 years of his service. With the bottles for varied purposes like drinking, cooking and bathing rising of the day people have decided to recycle. It is a welcome change says Republic Services Municipal Services Manager Gary Hicks.

According to Hicks around 15% of 40,000 residents recycle. Now with the water crisis around 75-100 people are involved in recycling per day. The good news is that hundreds of people have started to use the recycling services. The recycling program is on for last three years now and has seen a sharp rise recently informs Hicks. He also said that Midland has 80% participation despite its size being just half that of Flint. Meanwhile, Flint will cross 40% very soon informs Hicks. The recycling program is free for Flint customers, and all they have to do is to call the number for the bin delivery.

Free water bottles are distributed in fire stations for cooking, drinking, and bathing. Already a million bottles have been distributed, and this is going to be a lot of bottles, informs Brown. Meanwhile, a coalition is offering a drop-offs program, and the Republic is into bi-weekly recycling. With recycling, the materials are turned into a variety of products. Though, Brown is happy that the city is getting accustomed to the recycling techniques he wanted people to pray for clean drinking water for the city. He said it may be hard and drastic, but the water challenges have to be combated.