Zipp Up Your Outdoor Party With Landscape Lighting

You may use outdoor decorative lighting for simply enhancing your outdoor party, BBQ or social gathering. It’s for those times when you need to add something for an occasion rather than accent lighting that can be used most/all year round.

Whether you are planning a BBQ, a birthday party, or a holiday party you can really spice up your gathering with proper use of outdoor decorative lighting. All you need are lights and your imagination!

With those two things, anything is possible!

There are usually two different categories for when you decorate: general gatherings and specific holidays.

General gatherings and parties

Decorating for a party is fairly easy actually. You can add as much or as little lighting as you want!

The most common party lights you’ve probably seen are rope lights. They are simple strings of lights that you can hang around your yard and add a great atmosphere.

If you are holding a BBQ, you should really see the benefits that lighting your BBQ will bring.

And keep in mind that if your party involves your pool, the use of pool party lights can really set your party up and over the top!

Another thing that is commonly seen is tiki torches. These are wonderful lighting options especially if you are trying to keep bugs from pestering your party goers. They will evoke an island feel to your yard for sure! Find out more about them here!

They are so simple you can even make them at home yourself!

Another way to change the atmosphere of a party is by using Chinese lanterns. Paper lanterns are a staple in oriental cultures and have subsequently become extremely popular out here in the west.

While being listed in ‘general’, one very specific reason to decorate is an outdoor wedding. You will want to make that day very special! Though easy to overlook, try to remember that lighting can play a huge part in an outdoor wedding!


Of course, when the holidays are coming up, it can be an even bigger part of your decorating needs. Lights have always been part of Christmas, but now they are gaining popularity at Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, and any other festive celebrations.

For specific holidays, there are shaped lights such as pumpkins and ghosts for Halloween, shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day, and bunnies and eggs for Easter.

These can be strings of lights, or small post lights that are perfect for lining a sidewalk or garden with. There can also be simple lantern-like lights that you can set on a porch, deck or patio.

With so many options, you’ll find just what you need to have fun during the holidays!

Outdoor decorative lighting adds a whole new dimension to a party, really spicing it up! And for years we’ve seen just what kind of effects one can get from using lights to celebrate holidays.

And not only that, decorating can just be worlds of fun!