Purchasing Air Conditioner Filters By The Case Seems Like A Very Logical Idea.

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Purchasing Air Conditioner Filters By The Case Seems Like A Very Logical Idea.

There’s nothing wrong with saving a few dollars on something you will eventually need to replace anyway. The problem is, will you replace it when it’s time? The money you save can quickly disappear because you forgot to change a filter when it was time. A dirty, clogged filter can increase energy consumption by over 20% in a few weeks. Typically, the few bucks saved are eaten up by the following gas or electric bill that arrives in the mail.

Having a case of filters sitting in your home doesn’t do you any good if the box collects more dust than the filter!

No matter the quality, every filter has a tipping point of effectiveness. This is when it no longer allows air to flow without restriction. Restricted air flow causes the blower motor, coil, and compressor to work harder to perform efficiently. This results in consuming more energy to perform at an acceptable level. More on this webpage

Replacing your filter promptly with a high-quality filter is the best way to ensure this does not occur. If you’re a disciplined do-it-your-self person and change your filter on a set schedule, buying them by the case makes sense. But if you tend to forget, you may want to adopt a different maintenance strategy.

A smarter way to buy filters is to use a service like the one provided by our company. We’ll ship you a quality air filter on your chosen schedule. Your filter will arrive at your door on a predetermined date. All you need to do is replace the old filter with the new one. It’s as easy as that.

Air conditioner filters have a major impact on your home budget. Making the right choice can save you more money over a long period.

We help you to remember when it is time to change your filter.

When you enroll in this simple program, your home air filters are delivered to your home when you need them. All you need to do is change the old dirty filter with the new one. You’ll never forget to change your filter again so your system will work closer to maximum efficiency.

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