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Woman Shot By Dearborn Officer

Posted by: | Posted on: December 26, 2015
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img_1184In a chase outside Fairlane Town Center, a woman was killed by Dearborn Police. The identity of the woman was revealed on Thursday. Janet Wilson died of multiple gunshots and the Medical Examiner’s Officer called in a homicide. It is the second such killing in the recent months by the Department. Meanwhile, the Michigan State Police confirmed that the woman was not carrying a gun but was armed with a three-ton vehicle. Michael Shaw of Michigan State Police said that many policemen are killed by armed vehicles. He also said that the video footage around the place where the incident occurred is being collected.

The Dearborn police in a statement said that the department is saddened by the incident, and the investigation is on. Describing the incident, Shaw said it began at around 4.10pm when the woman was in conversation with the mall security. She was deranged said the witnesses as if she had some mental condition. Once the mall security came to the scene, she started to become repulsive and drove off almost striking the security with her vehicle. Wilson drove a black Chevrolet that the Dearborn police chased. When she stopped at the Hubbard Drive traffic, the police approached to arrest her.

While trying to arrest her, she started to flee knocking off the officer. It was then the scene officer took out his weapon and shot the suspect. The woman was taken to the hospital immediately but was pronounced dead. In the incident, one officer was treating for fatal injuries. The Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality made it clear in a statement that the organization is on high alert as it was second such incident in the recent months. The previous incident involved a black man Kevin Mathew (35) who was shot multiple times by the Dearborn officer.

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